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Join us for Whisky & Swing with THE SAXY MAIDS in the park. Cornwall’s foremost saxaphone foursome! An evening of mellow music … Come and sample some of Cornwall’s finest whisky – Hell’s Stone from the Pocketful of Stones distillery. The distillery that brought us Caspyn Gin; these boys know about distilling! Legend tells of the devil’s ambition to take Cornwall for himself. One day while looking out to the east, the archangel St Michael caught sight of a fire-breathing dragon flying towards Cornwall possessed by the devil himself. The dragon carried a red-hot boulder in its claws right from the fires of hell. A legendary aerial battle ensued, armed with a sword of pure fire St Michael struck the dragon a mighty blow. Through the sky, the stone tumbled, and the place where it fell became known as Hell’s Stone or Helston. To this day, the town celebrate the victory of their patron saint, and it holds a special place in local hearts.

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Dates: One Night Only: 10 June 2023


The Saxy Maids Group/Band

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