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After two years in the lab, The Story Song Scientists are back with their new EP ‘Quantum Lyrics’ and ready to tour the UK sharing more astonishing discoveries through the medium of alternative acoustic music. From clouds to volcanoes, blood to explosives, their data research has led to fascinating findings which have been meticulously dissected and creatively reassembled for your aural and cerebral pleasure. This tour features brand new material as well as songs from their self titled EP released in 2018. Though The Story Song Scientists may be completely unqualified in both science and education, they wear lab coats and are well versed in the art of song. So join them on an informative performance journey through time and space, blending music, laughter, lasers and maybe one or two vaguely interesting facts.

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Dates: One Night Only: 05 November 2021
Location: Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance

Parade Street,


TR18 4BU

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