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I do wish I had swallowed a cello. Not only would the shape be more conducive to living, but the tenor is far more reflective of my inner life. Welcome to the remarkable true story of the Princess Alexandra of Bavaria, a young lady of a most delicate nature. Alexandra tiptoes carefully through the palace corridors, turning sideways through doorways. Can it really be true, as she claims, that she has swallowed an entire piano made of glass? One that might shatter inside her at the slightest disturbance? A sort of tinkle... tinkle... splat! Her father King Ludwig can do nothing to help. But when a young man Lucien arrives at the palace, suddenly anything seems possible... Laced with dry humour, The Glass Piano will transport you to the 19th century House of Wittelsbach, where four characters, trapped by their situations, are prevented from fulfilling their dreams of love.

World Premiere

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