About This Show

A storytelling show that takes the myths and legends from the backgrounds of its five performers and reshapes, reforms, and retells them. From Sheherazade to Anansi by way of Lady Godiva, figures from myth and legend appear in ways you have never seen them before in an hour long show full of insight, dreams and wisdom that’ll leave you joyful, a bit tearful and questioning every story you’ve ever been told. Queer people have been erased from our inherited stories for too long. LGBTQIA+ people have always been here. And it’s time our collective myths reflected that fact. Rather than the pain and trauma that is often the focus, Remythed delights in a joyful reimagination of what queer history could look like.

Show Details

Dates: First Preview: 03 February 2024 Final Performance: 04 February 2024