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It is 1989. Katerina Turenkova, survivor of the Soviet Gulag and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is living as a recluse in a remote house in the Peak District, surrounded by barbed wire and watched over by CCTV cameras. For ten years she has produced no new work, claiming that she suffers from writers' block. But is there more to her reluctance to publish a further novel? In Berlin the wall is about to come down, and in the USSR the spirit of perestroika is causing huge shifts of power. Just why does Katerina need to live in self imposed incarceration? And what is she afraid of? The arrival of three students anxious to persuade Katerina to let them stage a production of her most famous novel is the starting point for this taut political thriller. Bird on the Wire is a gripping and darkly humorous exploration of betrayal in every form - political, personal and sexual.

This is the first performance of a new play by Brian Abbott, whose last play, No Fairy Tale, was also premiered at Questors in 2014.


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