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This isn’t your usual love story. A dramatic encounter on a train causes Billy and Rachel’s lives to irrevocably intertwine, but their whirlwind romance takes a dark turn when they discover their new home is infested with rats. Devastation rains down on their quiet neighbourhood as the rats bring out the madness hiding inside them. Billy, a lazy lump with a troubled past and diagnosed OCD, sees in the rats an excuse to unleash unbridled violence on living creatures. Rachel, a spiritual animal lover who has recently lost a child, sees in them the reincarnated soul of her daughter, Alice. Their different approaches to the pesky visitors leaves them at odds, and drives a deep wedge into their already fractious relationship. This explosive two-hander sees Billy and Rachel explain to their audience their descent into chaos, each seeking redemption for their own transgressions.

A darkly comic emotional rollercoaster of a play, full of laughs, shocks, secrets and vengeance, influenced by the likes of Philip Ridley and Duncan Macmillan, and with graphic content that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tarantino movie – come and listen to Billy and Rachel’s very different sides of a very, very dark tale.

Studio 2

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Dates: Opening Night: 14 March 2023 Final Performance: 01 April 2023

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