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What would you be willing to do to become a legend? From this question it takes the lead The Last King of Porn, which brings to the stage the story of a porn actor engaged in the filming of his latest record movie: a sex marathon for a whole day with 100 women. While the most important people in his life meet each other on stage, we find that the film they are shooting is actually a "snuff": the actor decided to kill himself during the performance. The atmosphere shifts quickly from being sexy to an electrifying and thrilling situation. The women on stage are waiting for their turn with persistent anxiety that leads to tight dialogue. At the beginning they are just numbers, but with the progress of the drama they confront with their lives discussing sex, love and family and, in reality, they will realize that they show themselves for who they are not. Thus, the actors of this show will bring out an obsessively hidden morality: a wrong choice can change an entire life, since only a single instant destroys the lives of all of them.

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