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Strange the Road is a love letter to Chandler set in a noir world sometime between 1933 and 2033. Written in the pulp vernacular, the spare dialogue is matched by a sharp design and style where we are placed anywhere a man with his wits about him has to use them to prevent his own murder... or worse... FRENCHIE is a famed storyteller "fancy name for a liar". He falls in love with VERDA, a waitress in the drinking club MARRIOTT's. Also in the club is his "sorta uncle" MALLOY, so big his feet are "the size of Virginia". Always at his huge side are his lieutenants; RANDALL and HUGHIE. Before FRENCHIE can do anything about being in love with VERDA she is taken by MALLOY as his girl. FRENCHIE needs to weave a complex plan to save the tomorrows of VERDA, himself and his sanity.

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