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"You'd better come and dine tonight - I'm on a diet, so there's only spinach." The glitter of middle-class life is exposed as the thinnest of fa?ades in these three plays, ranging from laugh-out-loud comedy to mesmeric drama. Family Album is a social comedy wickedly poking fun at Victorian sentiment. The Featherways family have gathered to mourn their father. But the siblings are not on their best behaviour. Hands Across the Sea is a glittering comedy reminiscent of Hay Fever. Naval officer Peter Gilpin and his wife ?Piggie' are the most eccentric party hosts in London. The Astonished Heart is a gripping drama of secrecy and betrayal. A brilliant psychiatrist, Christian appears to have the perfect life. Then he meets Leonora...

Noel Coward's dazzling versatility shines across nine one-act plays. From the railway station of Still Life to the Pacific island of We Were Dancing; from the music-hall of Red Peppers to the ache of The Astonished Heart, this is the first complete London revival since 1936. We have arranged the nine plays into three trios, called Nuclear Families, Bedroom Farces, and Secret Hearts. Each trio stands alone, but we hope you see all three! On Saturdays and Sundays, you can see the entire cycle across a single day, with breaks for lunch and dinner.

Part of Tonight at 8.30 - Part of The REACTION Season

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