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From self-tape auditions to performing as a gay webcam model, what price will Jonas Harland – a jobbing-actor & council-estate boy ‘done good’ – pay in his attempts to win the career he has always dreamt of? Money may be tight, but is it worth sacrificing his peace of mind, his personal relationships and the little joy that remains, for the risk of exposure as he descends into the world of cyber-sex? Self Tape explores modern relationships; in-person & virtual, aiming to break the manifold taboos of sex-work. Written during lockdown, a period that saw an exponential rise in the camming industry, the piece holds a mirror up to contemporary society.

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Dates: First Preview: 18 June 2023 Final Performance: 02 July 2023


Michael Batten Jonas Harland
Neil Burgess Tony - pre-recorded role