About This Show

J Neve Harrington makes her Lilian Baylis Studio debut with a new full-length work performed in the round by an intergenerational cast of professional artists alongside a community cast of local young adults. From collective beginnings in the unknown to questions raised through individual lifetimes and the scope of memory. Harrington leans into neurodivergent ways of processing information, taking audiences on a sensory journey through different ways of experiencing time, witnessing changing patterns and relationships. SOME TIMES offers possibilities for ways we can be together across different generations in the times we are currently living through; referencing the climate crisis, digital, geological and distinctly human time scales. This piece reaches far beyond the human, and into the past and future. Whilst there is both lightness and darkness, the dark is full of light that we cannot see, so how will we choose to pay attention to what is there, despite being beyond our senses?

Show Details

Dates: First Preview: 11 October 2023 Final Performance: 13 October 2023