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This Christmas why not get away from it all? Let Royal Court Liverpool take you across the oceans to the exotic uncharted island of Secosu where many years ago shipwrecked stowaway Billy Reilly from Walton was washed ashore. Finding himself on an island that was populated mainly by women, Billy made the most of it and now, in 2010, his legacy continues - an island community of Scousers in the South Pacific! Raised on sunshine, bananas and stories of "home" evolution has created a scouse master race. The girls wear home-made Ugg boots, pyjamas and rollers, and the lads hunt and fish wearing trackie bottoms and trainers. Secosu is still uncharted which is very frustrating for lovebirds Tommo and Donna-Marie (a beautiful girl from the slightly posher village over the water) who long to set sail for Liverpool, the land of their ancestors. As they approach another Christmas on the beach they're both pretty fed up. Well wouldn't you be if you'd heard all about Turkey dinners but lived on an island with nothing to eat but bananas? Forget about the winter blues this year and come and have a laugh in the sunshine with Fred Lawless' hilarious new play. Packed with catchy songs and cracking one-liners, the co-writer of 'Slappers & Slapheads' and writer of 'Merry Ding Dong' and 'A Fistful of Collars' offers you a look at the other side of our family tree, and shows you what happens when you let a randy Scouser loose on a sun drenched island full of lonely women.

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