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From the Depths of Darkness into the beauty of transition Blue Jay tells the story of Stevie, a transgender teenager who suffers from manic depression and an abusive past. The play starts at the pier head Liverpool, where grace first sees Stevie grieving Scene 2 of the play is at fisherman's path Formby ( a well know spot of tragic suicides and accidents. Stevie attempts to take his life in front of a train but is stopped by Grace, who recognizers him from the previous day. Grace takes him home, where they both pore out their tragic pasts. Its here that Stevie , with the help of Grace transitions to his real self as a women, the pair then go on a journey into town, where they meet Timmy and Dave and this is when the party starts! and shows the beauty of Stevie's transition. This play deals with depression, suicide and the need for people to talk and also the lack of communication and help. It does start very dark and hard hitting buts ends on such a beautiful high. we have music, drama, social comments and most of all we have a play that gets you thinking and questioning yourself.

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