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Coward’s great tale of illicit love adapted from the 1946 film by David Lean. Set in the winter of 1938-39, it tells of Laura, an ordinary respectable housewife, and Alec, a doctor. Both are middle class and married (happily, they believe) to other people, when, after a chance meeting at Milford Junction Train Station, where Alec gallantly remove a piece of grit from Laura’s eye, they embark on a 6-week affair. Your heart will lift at their new-found love and sink again as they struggle against their feelings to deny their destiny together – and the stirring up of countless memories of a true classic in the history of British film.

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Dates: Opening Night: 26 April 2023 Final Performance: 13 May 2023


Noel Coward Author
Emma Rice Adaptation

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