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Cannery Row is set during the Great Depression in Monterey, California, on a street lined with sardine Canneries. The story revolves around the people living there, who are mostly down on their luck. They include Lee Chong, the local grocer; Doc, a marine biologist; Mack, the leader of a group of down-and-outs; Dora and the whores of her whorehouse. We have painted our piece with a wide range of cross-cast colourful characters to show a nostalgic slice-of-life that celebrates camaraderie, contentment and tolerance whilst also highlighting the hardship, violence and hard-earned fun of the Time. Cannery Row has a simple premise: Mack and his friends want to do something nice for their friend “Doc”. Mack hits on the idea that they should throw a thank-you party. Mistake Number One? Well Hell, let’s throw another party – but make it work better this time? What could possibly go wrong?World Premiere.

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Dates: First Preview: 10 October 2023 Final Performance: 15 October 2023