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One hundred years ago this February, the first British women got the right to vote. Some British men believe everything went downhill from there. Grayson Perry and Catherine Mayer agree that life could be made better for men - by making life better for women. They just don't always see eye to eye on how to do this. Join them for an evening of discussion, laughs, gender politics and gently glowing debate. Grayson Perry is an award-winning artist; Bafta-winning TV presenter; Reith Lecturer and bestselling author with traditional masculine traits including having the desire to 'always be right and to overtake all other cyclists when going up big hills'. Catherine Mayer is an award-winning journalist; bestselling author; and the president of the Women's Equality Party, which she co-founded by accident after ?being handed a microphone in a theatre. Oh'. Grayson and Catherine encourage you to bring along your misogynist uncle, the pal who doesn't 'get feminism' and your partner or colleague who insists the gender pay gap is a myth.

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