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Black Fate is a dynamic immersive story, based on Romeo and Juliet. Get Out Of My Space will be occupying The Beacon, a stunning Victorian house, for two weeks and transporting our audiences to late 1800s London, where the all-female gang The Forty Elephants rule. Capulet, the leader of the gang, is looking to create a legacy for Juliet to take over, but she seems resistant. Montague just wants to run the best pub in London, but the unrest on the streets his boys are causing mean his protection payments to The Forty Elephants keep rising to unaffordable levels. Mercutio and Benvolio think they've sold the money problems but the presence of Paris potentially ruins everything. Nurse's closeness to Juliet reveals to her secrets she didn't want to know and so she's stuck in a moral dilemma of self-preservation or risking everything to help a friend. Tybalt is a well-respected fighter but isn't trusted with secrets, how hard is it to fight when you find out those sending you don't trust you? In the middle of all this Friar Lawrence is trying to bring peace to the streets, but his own sins are starting to surface.

The performance will span all three floors of the building, as well as the surrounding grounds, and there's no set route around the house, allowing every audience member to piece together their own unique experience by roaming wherever and however they wish. Each character navigates their own complete storylines creating ten overlapping and interlinking narratives; there's no pauses, no breaks and no offstage. With over 10,000 ways of watching the show, no two audience members will experience the same sequence of events.

This event takes place at The Beacon, Tea Garden Lane, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9JH

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