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I'm Suffraging by Callum Elliott-Archer - While at school we learned about the important struggle that the Suffragettes and Suffragists went through at the early end of the 20th Century. We learned that they were fighting for the right to vote in political elections. We learned that this was an important right - one worth dying for. But we never learned why it was so important. When I left school at the age of 18, I knew nothing about our political system, the differences between the parties, how the vote worked, and why I should care. As a result, I labelled myself Labour, as was my Dad's Label, and when it came time to vote; I just didn't. Common Sense by Tom Nicholas - A baby has been born. This baby will one day be King or Queen, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of His/Her other Realms and Territories King/Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. But why, in twenty first century Britain, should the highest office in the land be decided by birthright? And, when we've fought so hard for democracy, do we let this anomaly continue? This Year's Prince is a mash-up of monologue, flag-waving and the obligatory Sex Pistols. Slippage by Hannah Townsend and Shiona Morton - It is the week of the election in May 2010. All over the country British people are being lambasted by the media. Many are consumed by the political shenanigans, talking and debating wherever and whenever they get the chance, but some are not. Slippage is a piece about the people who didn't put an 'x' in the box; a glimpse into the lives of those who somehow slid into disenfranchisement. It slips from the poetic to the everyday, from one voice to another, allowing those who are usually silent, to speak

In 1913, the Great Suffrage Pilgrimage mapped eight connecting routes across England and Wales, mobilising one of the largest political rallies in the campaign, Votes for Women. One hundred years later what do we feel about suffrage (the right to vote) in the Twenty-First Century? Does having the vote mean democracy and equality for all? Three brand new pieces have been written in response to this provocation. Come see them all each night at the Bike Shed in a week of debate, discussion and performance.

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  • Location:The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter