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“Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta – BBBBBBBBBB – Face – Faces – Smile – Smiling – Yes – Yes -Yes Yes Yes – Bbbbbbbbb” A short play for one performer about all of it.“I suppose I never questioned why I was only one piece before” A woman trapped at home during an air raid.   A mother who starts to see double.   A whole life in one breath. Three short plays by Alistair McDowall introduce us to three women whose ordinary lives mask extraordinary internal worlds.  This trilogy includes the brand new plays Northleigh, 1940  and In Stereo  alongside all of it, previously performed in 2020.  Written for and performed by Kate O’Flynn, this brand new production will run at the Royal Court and the Avignon Festival.Downstairs

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Dates: First Preview: 08 June 2023 Opening Night: 06 June 2023 Final Performance: 17 June 2023