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Something's gone wrong in the way we talk about childhood. Was it really a simpler time, innocent and carefree? Katie doesn't remember it that way. She remembers rules that didn't make any sense, feelings that were too big, constant boredom and the overwhelming fear that there might just be something wrong with her. This is a show that explores what childhood actually felt like, not how we want to believe it felt. In place of a traditional story is a rollercoaster of experiences, from the hilarious to the horrifying. Katie blows her whistle, and you close your eyes. And when you open them, she's doing something else - playing a game, singing a song, trying to tell a story while being covered in suncream and inflating a dinghy. Every show is different, with a party atmosphere of absolute silliness and good-natured audience participation - the only person at risk of humiliation is Katie!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This event takes place at Venue 152 Paradise in Augustines - The Snug

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  • Running Time:45min
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