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These kids – they’re taking over the world – they’re the new aristocracy, man and the old guard don’t like it. In the quiet market town of Chichester, the most famous members of the most infamous rock group in the world are on trial. 1967. At Keith Richards’s country house Redlands in deepest West Sussex, the Rolling Stones are enjoying a bohemian night in with the likes of Marianne Faithfull and George Harrison, until the constabulary swoop down and charge Keith and Mick Jagger with drug offences. Only one man can defend the two icons of the 60s revolution: Michael Havers, leading QC and future attorney general. But the furore also brings into the spotlight his own relationship with his son, aspiring teenage actor Nigel Havers, who’s been drawn into Marianne’s orbit… This riotous, psychedelic and hugely entertaining account of possibly the most bizarre English court case ever held evokes a turning point in cultural history and the clash between the generations.

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Dates: First Preview: 20 September 2024 Opening Night: 25 September 2024 Final Performance: 18 October 2024