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Dame Trixie Bouffant is the royal hairdresser whose daughter was stolen away from her when she was a baby, Dame Trixie was unaware that the wicked witch Gothel had taken her and held her prisoner in a very tall tower with no stairs or doors. Gothel leads the child to believe that she is her grandmother. Sixteen years later a newby fairy called Flora goes to the palace to help solve the mystery of the missing baby. Prince Fredrick is young and handsome and attracts a lot of attention from the young ladies of the court. His father and mother King Geoffery and Queen Gertrude are very upset by their son's actions and the king banishes him from the kingdom to make something of his life. Frankie is Dame Trixie's son and he is valet to the prince until he is banished from the kingdom when he loses his job but Frankie decides to accompany the prince as he feels he will need a friend. Meanwhile Rapunzel has grown up into a beautiful young lady and with the help of the prince manages to escape from the tower this is when she realises that Gothel is not her grandmother but the wicked witch who stole her when she was a baby. They all vow to get their own back on the witch.

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