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BalletBoyz - The Talent 2014 (Tour - Lowry)

The popular BalletBoyz present another stunning show at the Lowry, as part of their UK tour

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When you attend a BalletBoyz show, the atmosphere is a kin to a gig. There's a merchandise stand, fans everywhere waiting in anticipation and a genuine buzz in the crowd before the lights go down.

Five minutes into their latest stunning tour, you quickly realise why their following is so loyal. The first piece focuses on beauty and poignancy. Bodies intertwine and it's a celebration of the male form, complemented by evocative lighting and sweeping epic music. This juxtaposition is mesmerising and you really do escape from the world outside.

Russell Maliphant and Liam Scarlett's choreography here is beautiful and perfectly paced. Many dance shows feature quite a bit of repetition. But here - due to the fact that each dancer gets a chance to shine and that they are able to connect with the audience, the result is riveting.

The second piece builds slowly, as we watch the Boyz work up a sweat and again see how in synch these dancers can be. Carrying each other as delicately as you would lift a newborn baby but at speed delivers something quite hypnotic. What I love about this show is that is is neither camp or po faced. A newcomer to ballet could easily get swept up in the high emotion on display here. This is down to the professionalism athleticism of these amazing performers.

I say performers, as they do more than dance. Like a pop band, there is a dancer to suit everyone. Short, tall, graceful, passive/aggressive; there's even a Freddie Mercury lookalike. This sells them short but the point is that ballet is so accessible in the hands of these two choreographers.

So forget Swan Lake - expect something heartfelt, erotic, and immersive. The only flaw is the show's short running time, as like many in the audience - I could have watched them dance all night.

The Ballet Boyz are at the Lowry until 5 February and continue to tour the UK until the end of March. Full dates are here.