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After the Rainfall (Plymouth)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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In association with Watford Palace Theatre, 2012 Fringe First winner curious directive's After The Rainfall is a somewhat complicated series of tenuously overlapping stories.

Edward is undercover in 1952 Egypt assessing the safety of using the Suez to transport plutonium to Australia; art student Claire mourns the disappearance of a miner in the 1986 Cumbrian subterranean labyrinth; 2013 and Rashida follows her dead brother's dream to see the museums of Europe while in 2022 Grace is depositing nuclear waste in the desert as John's best-seller discusses how ants communicate.

With some indulgence, obscure connections and a plethora of multimedia devices, six young actors explore colonialism, science and behaviours. Interesting concepts about what makes an artefact, the apparent hypocrisy of covering radioactive waste sites with solar panels and the habits of ants mixed with physicality entertain but do not compel.

There's no doubt that there is talent here with most playing several roles so proving their versatility but for me it was Karina Sudgen's charisma that shone particularly bright. However, at 86 minutes this really is a tad too long despite tight direction by Jack Lowe.

- Karen Bussell


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