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More Light

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Seeing Snoo Wilson’s More Light, in this perky revival by Trifle Productions at the Rose Theatre, I had an increasing feeling that I was watching a pile of utter nonsense.  Entertaining, articulate, erudite and sometimes witty nonsense but mumbo-jumbo nonetheless.  

With necromancy, 16th Century cosmology and, dare I say it, religion as a background, it’s little wonder.   

Wilson takes an historical character – Giordano Bruno, the Italian Dominican burned at the stake in 1600 – and plunges him into a heavenly, dream-like realm where he meets the unearthly body of Queen Elizabeth I, a female Shakespeare in fishnet stockings and a sexy barmaid with Sycorax for a mother and a menu tattooed on her rump.  

Believe it or not, things only get weirder and, without Chris Hislop’s excellent production and great performances from the cast of seven, the rampant wackiness could easily have become intolerable.  

Neil Chinneck’s superb Pope reeks of sanctimony and evil intent without ever resorting to cliché and Cassandra Hodges is an attractive Queen Elizabeth, nudging at times in the direction of Miranda Richardson’s immortal portrayal.  

Rob Lydnon is a Prospero-like Doctor Dee (the scientist-mystic of Elizabeth’s court) and Nicholas Ruben a wily Kelly/Caliban.  Claire Jared’s Shakespeare can only be described as impish while Leanna Wigginton as the brassy barmaid carries off the demands made on her (including pleasuring herself with a feather) with aplomb.  Jackson Wright is solid as the journeying Bruno at the centre of all the madness.  

If you’ve never experienced a Snoo Wilson work, he has to be seen once and this is as good an introduction to his mystifying world as you’re likely to get.  

- Simon Thomas