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Working for ... Haringey Shed

Haringey Shed is an inclusive theatre company running workshops for children and adults as well as staging regular productions. Their latest show, Blue Goo, is at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham this Saturday (28 March 2008). Here, the show's director Kamini Tavanandi gives us an insight into her work for the company.

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I’ve been working with Haringey Shed for a year now. It's chaotic, noisy and unpredictable, and I absolutely love it. In the run up to our Children's Theatre show being performed this Saturday, I've probably learnt the most about they way an inclusive theatre company works. It's a challenge and it's constantly evolving so you have to be able to adapt and learn on the job - but no one can do it better than the kids and youths themselves.

It's great to watch such a diverse group of young people and abilities working together on stage creating a musical and theatrical extravaganza. It's their varying abilities and backgrounds that enrich the theatre company and their natural instinct to look after and support each other on stage is what makes Haringey Shed so successful.

Haringey Shed wouldn't be the same without the unique and quirky staff team who energise and inspire the children as well as giving them the opportunity to be themselves. We're all just big kids really and it's hard to tell who enjoys the sessions more. It's this infectious atmosphere that attracts both the staff and the members and we're hopeful we can reach out to the rest of the Haringey community to come and join us.

I've cried, laughed, suprised myself, overdone it, been baffled and most of all felt an overwhelming sense of pride with Haringey Shed. You'll know what I mean when you come to our open day on Saturday (12-2pm or 3-5pm) and you'll see several of the projects we're working on including the Shed band, choirs, the Childrens Theatre show and ever-expanding youth theatre.

For further info on Haringey Shed & Blue Goo, click here


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