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Spring Highlights: After Doroteia, The Flies & Void Story

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StoneCrabs Theatre presents the UK premiere of After Doroteia (26 – 28 March), a play adapted from Nelson Rodrigues’ Doroteia . Written and directed by Franko Figueiredo, After Doroteia centres on a young man who leaves home and returns years later as Doroteia. Staged at the Oval House Theatre, the show is part of the FiRST BiTES Spring 2009 season, meaning it is currently a work-in-progress. FiRST BiTES provides audiences the opportunity to experience the process of developing a play.

Meanwhile, The Flies (11 – 29 March) is returning to Camden People’s Theatre after a sell-out run last summer. Incorporating live music by A Riot in Heaven, the play by Jean Paul Sartre is co-directed by David Furlong and Kevin Rowntree. The Flies combines a range of theatrical innovations to produce a show described as merging a Greek myth with live indie rock music.

And making a stop at London’s Soho Theatre is the touring production of Void Story (21 – 25 April). Performed by acclaimed avant-garde theatre company Forced Entertainment, Void Story is travelling as part of the SPILL Festival. Following a couple as they venture through a night of tortures within a desolate city, Void Story is performed as if it were a radio play—with the actors flipping through scripts and providing the sound affects as they sit at a table. The performance combines live action with pre-recorded video that is projected onstage.

- by Katie Blemler

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