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Five Reason to See ... Brave and the Bold Festival

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Made From Scratch and the Cockpit Theatre present Brave and the Bold Festival - a one day festival event celebrating the work of new, up-and-coming theatre makers.

With the recent arts cuts creating an increasingly difficult climate for young theatre companies and artists, it has never been more important that we work together in order to survive and thrive. Collaboration, support, and new relationships are at its core and the Brave and the Bold Festival seeks to help us look toward a brighter future, providing a full day of new and exciting entertainment and a great line up.

The festival features a wide range of performers and new companies. It gives young actors, artists, comedians, poets, and musicians a chance to take center stage, so come out and hear what it is that the next generation of theatre makers has to say!

1. Celebrate new work from new companies

Brave and the Bold Festival celebrates the work of new theatre companies and new artists. With arts cuts making it harder than ever for new companies to grow and develop it has never been more important to work together in order survive and thrive. The festival aims to create a supportive environment for new work whereby companeis can share resources and develop relationships that may lead to future collaboration.

2. Have your say

And get a chance to give feedback and input into the writing and creative process of these young and talented writers; writers who could potentially be the next generation of our theatrical landscape. Experience how collaborative theatre could and should be.

3. A great line up

Our lineup includes new work from Made From Scratch, C54, Darkbloom and Thick as Thieves theatre companies as well as Liars League. You can also get in a good laugh with Jess Gunning and the Scat Pack; listen to the poetry of Sabrina Mahfouz, Thomas Pickles, and Poeticat the Band; or enjoy the music of Laura Prior and Barnaby Southgate. You'll even get the chance to meet the Dramaturgs Network.

4. Get involved

It's a great opportunity to network. Interested in starting your own company? Come on down and meet people already making that venture. Meet writers, directors, actors, producers and more! We want to encourage collaboration between artists, so if you want to get involved with us, come out to the Brave and the Bold Festival!

5. There will be puppets!

Most importanty, there will be sock puppets. And pandas. And drinking.

Brave and the Bold Festival will be held at the Cockpit Theatre, St John's Wood on 14 May 2011.


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