Cirque – The Greatest Show

Charter Hall|Max Fox ,Christian Lee ,Jennifer Van Gool ,Thomas Barrandon ,Duo Eclipse ,Billy George ,Adam Boom ,Robbie Waugh ,Wesley Bromley ,Tori Murray ,Nikita Coulon ,Jamie Long ,Dione Hassell ,Shonagh Leatherbarrow ,Rhys Richards ,Stephen Strain ,Brogan Paris ,Liam Raven ,Megan Dawson ,Chris Travers |James Taylor,Max Fox,Lynsey Brown […]

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Mercury Theatre|Lydia Walker,William James,Yu-Chien Cheng,Philip Hulford|Xenia Aidonopoulou,Xenia Aidonopoulou,Jonny Pilcher,Mayou Trikerioti,Alison Alexander (puppet/clouds),Xenia Aidonopoulou,Alison Alexander,Mayou Trikerioti,Chris Burr,Xenia Aidonopoulou […]

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Lakeside Theatre|Kirsty MacLaren ,Harmony Rose-Bremner ,Amy Murphy |Fuel,Imaginate,Northern Stage (in association with National Theatre of Scotland),Natalie Ibu,Amy Jane Cook,Amy Jane Cook,Ali Hunter,Novasound,Nadia Ifkhar (movement),Natasha Haws (associate director),Olissa Rogers (casting),Amy Blair (original casting director) […]

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