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Rachel Mars: The Way That You Tell Them (Tour - Manchester)

Rachel Mars looks behind what makes us laugh and the result is fascinating and very funny

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Rachel Mars

Rachel Mars picks apart what makes us laugh and the concept of comedy in this carefully constructed performance. The show begins straightforwardly enough: Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" plays and Rachel Mars sings along to some of it, trying to get the audience involved. Then the music stops and she explains that The Way That You Tell Them isn't comedy; it's a show about comedy.

Mars deconstructs what makes people laugh, often straight after doing it. She says a few lines then interrupts herself to tell the audience what comic method she just tried. But she doesn't stick only to the tricks of the trade she goes further, questioning laughter itself and how the most serious topic can provoke it simply through the way that you tell it.

Furthermore, Mars doesn't talk down to the audience; she involves them and takes them on her journey. She uses real-life material alongside classic jokes. At one point she is describing her grandfather's funeral, the next she is lip-syncing to Mighty Mouse. It sounds messy, but every detail is intelligently put together and with her boundless energy Mars really makes it work.

What you are left with is a unique and fascination night out, delivered with panache by this intelligent and indefatigable host.

Rachel Mars is touring the UK. For further tour dates, please click here

- Joanna Ing