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Limbo (London Wonderground)

The critically acclaimed show returns to the Southbank venue for a second summer of sizzling showmanship

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Heather Holliday and Danik Abishev in Limbo
© Ben Hewis

As the temperature soars around the capital, hordes of tourists flock to the Southbank for walks along the Thames seemingly unaware that, tucked away behind the upturned purple cow, is the proverbial den of iniquity that is the Spiegeltent, currently host to London's most bonkers show, Limbo.

Off the back of their sell-out run at the Adelaide Festival and returning for a second summer at the London Wonderground, Limbo is a mix of cabaret, live music, dance and circus. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill circus that you'd expect from the likes of Zippo's. Whilst the 1920's themed Spiegeltent is reminiscent of the travelling circus that pitches up in local parks, the similarities stop there.

The cheesy ring master is replaced by Doc Brown lookalike musical director Sxip Shirey, whose band, including a large sousaphone, provide an eclectic soundtrack for the evening's debauchery. For any readers who suffer with Coulrophobia, you'll be glad to know that there is not a clown in site, instead dancers, singers and acrobats adorn the tiny stage, which at 3.6 meters in diameter, means the action is literally in, above and around the audience.

Highlights of the show come in several forms; contortionist Jonathan Nosan literally bends over backwards showing off his flexibility in a range of disturbing ways. Danik Abishev's handbalancing act had my heart planted firmly in my mouth as he hopped one-handed between 8 foot high platforms. Mikael Bres - whose contributions to the show also include beatboxing, singing and setting his rear end on fire - proves Elphaba isn't the only one in town who can defy gravity, running up the pole like a cheeky gibbon in his Chinese Pole routine. Evelyn Allard's aerial hoop was both bedazzlingly beautiful and seriously seductive, whilst Hilton Denis' tap dancing would give Fred Astaire a run for his money.

But it was Heather Holliday who provided the real standout moments of the 75 minute long show. Firstly by swallowing a fluorescent light, the glow from which you could see travelling down her throat and into her chest. This was only bettered by her fire breathing act, the intimacy of the venue allowing close up views of the death-defying feat which, considering my front row location, left me leaving the venue feeling slightly singed.

Limbo is 50 shades of crazy, a veritable feast of naughtiness, brut strength and truly heart stopping moments. Get yourself down to the London Wonderground for a night to remember.

Watch our video with some of the cast of Limbo: