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Behind Closed

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The title of Rebekah Harrison’s Behind Closed Doors presented by Milk and Two Sugars, excites the imagination.

What could the characters be up to in a room no-one is supposed to see?

When the door is opened to the audience, there is nothing  dramatic.   We see an affair between two unattractive people, another relationship resulting in pregnancy and a predictable ending.   One character in particular overuses the f word.

It’s a bit of a let down albeit well written in parts.   The best scene is probably where Suzy (Emma Gilbertson)  tells Lee (Jonathon Ojinnaka) she is expecting.  At that point the play comes alive and the actors show appropriate emotion.

But other scenes such as the 21st birthday party are uninspiring.

The five-strong cast try their best and there is another glimmer of light when Danny (Daren Conolly) tells Emily (Rebekah Harrison again) that he’s had sex with her sister (Yasmin Smedley).

Unfortunately, the play seems flat but I would urge Rebekah not to give up on her writing.   I’m sure, with practice, she will be able to build on her theme of difficult relationships.
- Julia Taylor



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