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360 Allstars at London Wonderground – review

The west London venue opens its doors

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
360 All Stars
© Craig Sugden

The problem with reviewing a lot of circus is that there's always a degree of diminishing returns: first time seeing three people on a cyr wheel? Amazing. Third time? Novelty wears off. It's a tricky balance – having to seek out novelty while also remembering that audiences might not have seen their fourth trapeze experience in as many days.

What's good to report, therefore, is that 360 Allstars, making its home at the freshly opened and delightful Underbelly Wonderground in Earl's Court (a perfect spot for anyone wanting an al fresco space to relax this summer), has an endearing dose of gusto that breaks free from the strictures of more "serious" circus tropes – all muted and reverential.

Delivered, at times patchily, with tongue-in-cheek brava, the team of BMX expert Peter Sore, break-danceers Bboy Chris and Bboy Daz, basketball freestyler Trickstar and cyr wheeler Josh Curtis alongside champion beatboxer Ball-Zee and percussionist Mikey Sorbello come on in typical carousel format to deliver a cornucopia of fun.

Nothing is all that revolutionary, but there's definitely a free-wheeling spirit to the fleet hour of fun. The real stand-out moments come from Ball-Zee, leaving a lofty perch at the back of the stage to mix physical comedy with beatboxing deftness. Sorbello also unleashes an unforgettable drum solo.

It's all done with an energetic machismo and an endearing sense of energy, but for the most part benefits from the fact it's being staged in a year where very little circus has the ability to make it to the stage. A bombastic balm for these trying pandemic times, for sure.


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