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What on earth is Fast and Furious Live?

Fans of the film series will be able to watch the stunts performed live


The multi-billion dollar grossing action film series Fast & Furious began in 2001 and has been followed by seven sequels, two short films and, now, an arena production which opens at the O2 Arena this week before touring to 14 countries and 23 arenas.

We spoke with associate producer Hannah Johnstone to find out more.

What is Fast & Furious Live?
It's the world's most ambitious touring arena production ever created. It crosses the boundaries between film and live in a way that has never been attempted before. You can feel the heat of the explosions, ride alongside a train going 120mph, experience the views of Tokyo from the top of a car park building, feel the rush of air as a car drifts past you. For fans, it's as close as you'll get to being on set of a Fast & Furious movie.

How do you replicate the film's stunts in an arena?
We use 3D mapping projection to take the audience on a journey, moving seamlessly from the streets of LA to Rio to a carpark in Tokyo.

What's been the biggest challenge in mounting this production?
The sheer scale of it and piecing it all together. It's as big as a West End show in terms of performers and set pieces but then adding in the movie scale pyro, the vehicles and the state-of-the-art technology, the scale is enormous!

What kind of numbers are involved in the show?
There are over 40 vehicles in the show, over 250,000 LED lights, 200+ explosions per show, 24kg of specially created Fast Live Money dropped onto the audience every show, and 11 of the world's best stunt drivers.

Does the show have a storyline or is it more of a showcase?
The great thing about this show is that there is a storyline! We've worked with the team at Universal to develop a script that has a new storyline whilst staying true to the franchise. Street racer, Sofia Diaz and DSS Agent Dawson join forces to hunt down the DSS' most wanted Tyler Cain, one of Cipher's remaining followers from Fast 8. Sofia and Jimmy recruit the audience to help them track him down. They take the audience on a journey through Dom Toretto and his team's most dangerous missions throughout the saga to help prepare them for what's to come.

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