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West End stars feature in Musicals at the Manor concerts

The concerts take place at Rothamsted Manor in Harpenden

Kerry Ellis, Daniel Boys and Aaron Lee Lambert
Kerry Ellis, Daniel Boys and Aaron Lee Lambert

Rothamsted Manor in Harpenden, Hertfordshire will host a series of concerts this summer featuring an array of West End talent.

Musicals at the Manor runs from 25 June to 31 July and is being overseen by musical director Steve Moss, who is currently working on Mary Poppins.

There will be 24 "intimate" concerts, featuring hits from popular West End shows.

The full line up comprises: Aaron Lee Lambert, Charlotte Kennedy, Laura Pick, Danny Whitehead, Emma Hatton, Matthew Croke, Emma Williams, Scott Davies, Daniel Boys, Sophie Evans, Katie Hall, Oliver Tompsett, Emma Kingston, Oliver Savile and Kerry Ellis.

Performance dates are:

• June 25: Aaron Lee Lambert and Charlotte Kennedy

• June 26: Laura Pick and Danny Whitehead

• July 2: Laura Pick and Danny Whitehead

• July 3: Emma Hatton and Matthew Croke

• July 9: Emma Williams and Scott Davies

• July 10: Daniel Boys and Sophie Evans

• July 16: Katie Hall and Oliver Tompsett

• July 17: Katie Hall and Scott Davies

• July 23 and 31: Emma Kingston and Oliver Savile

• July 24 and 30: Kerry Ellis

Steve Moss said: "I'm so pleased to be able to bring artists of this calibre to Rothamsted Manor. Musical theatre and the arts generally, have suffered horribly throughout the pandemic.

"It's wonderful to be able to collaborate with Rothamsted Manor and provide an opportunity to these incredible artists to showcase their talents."