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West End shows move timetable following Christmas Eve rail strike announcement

David Tennant and Sharon Small in Good
David Tennant and Sharon Small in Good
© Johan Persson

Stage productions and producers are being pragmatic given the series of ongoing series of rail strikes over the next week.

All shows are set to go ahead as scheduled on 16 and 17 December (we will update you if these decisions change), while some performances are having their timetables shifted in response to the upcoming Christmas Eve rail strike – due to kick off at 6pm.

While some shows will continue with their usual 2.30pm slots on 24 December, other times have been changed – either directly due to the rail strike or simply because of the fact that it is Christmas Eve.

As it stands the following is set to take place – we will update if we get further updates:

– Good will start at 1.30pm on 24 December (rather than the previously announced 2.30pm) because of the strike.

Jersey Boys‘ previously announced 2.30pm Saturday matinee on 24 December will start at 1.30pm.

Wicked‘s normal 2.30pm Saturday matinee will now start at 12.30pm on 24 December.

Best of Enemies will begin its Christmas Eve performance at 1pm rather than the usual 2.30pm Saturday matinee slot.

Les Misérables‘ matinees on 24 and 31 December will start at 1.30pm, rather than the 2.30pm that they normally kick off.

The Phantom of the Opera‘s matinees on 24 and 31 December will kick off at 1pm, rather than the usual schedule 2.30pm.

– Disney’s Newsies has brought forwards its previously announced 2.30pm show in Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre to 1pm.

Six has moved its previously set 24 December performance forward from 4pm to 2pm.

Pretty Woman will begin its 24 December performance at 1pm, with a New Year’s Eve performance at 1.30pm.

Basically – make sure you check your show’s timetable just in case!

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