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Watch Stephen Sondheim surprise composer with dementia after song goes viral

Paul Harvey received a congratulatory video from his idol

Stephen Sondheim and Paul Harvey
Stephen Sondheim and Paul Harvey
Meet Paul Harvey.

Paul is an 80-year-old composer and former music teacher, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2019. Thus far, however, Paul has still been able to compose piano pieces, as well as play others from memory.

Paul's story — and his music — went viral this fall after his son posted about it on Twitter. One of Paul's compositions has since been recorded with the BBC Philharmonic orchestra, recently skyrocketing to the top spot on iTunes and Amazon.

But the biggest compliment came from one of Paul's idols — Stephen Sondheim. Sondheim recorded a congratulatory video for Paul, which left Paul in tears. Watch the emotional reveal below:

(Sondheim arrives from around the 5 minutes 30 mark).

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