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Watch performers Rhys Owen and David Ribi sing Matilda's "Quiet" for an empty West End

The special tune was created by the pair in response to the new lockdown

The West End
© Alex Wood

In early February 2020, 33 year-old actor Rhys Owen made his West End debut in Only Fools and Horses The Musical. Five weeks later, the light went out for him and our entire industry.

In response, he created a lovely tribute to the world of musical performance, taking inspiration from the award-winning Matilda.

Speaking about his inspiration for the cover, Rhys said: ""Quiet" from Matilda came on shuffle and I was moved to tears. Why? The lyrics (by Tim Minchin) speak to our industry. ‘Our hearts are pounding...'our eyes are burning' .. ‘I just wish they'd stop'...'the telly and the stories."

"With the help of fellow performer and TV presenter David Ribi, who came up with the stunning musical arrangement, we want to reach out again to EVERYONE involved in the Arts and say – "We will sail out of this storm."

"We will sing louder, dance harder, act deeper, work stronger and the audiences will cheer louder than ever before."

Watch the video below:

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