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Watch new musical Cells – premiering online as venues remain closed

The show features a cast of two


You can have a first watch of new musical film Cells exclusively via WhatsOnStage below.

Led by Clive Rowe and Lem Knights, the piece is described as "Alan Bennett meets The Streets| and shows the lives of two men become entangled.

While WhatsOnStage has the first episode below, the subsequent six episodes will be available via three partnering venues – with the schedule as follows:

Episode 2: Tuesday 20 April Royal and Derngate
Episode 3: Weds 21 April Queen's Theatre Hornchurch
Episode 4: Thurs 22 April Stephen Joseph Theatre
Episode 5: Friday 23 April Royal and Derngate
Episode 6: Saturday 24 April Queen's Theatre Hornchurch
Episode 7: Sunday 25 April Stephen Joseph Theatre

The film will be fully revealed on Monday 26 April as a complete package, with audiences advised to make a donation to help support the UK venues involved.

Watch the first episode here:

Cells is written and directed by P Burton-Morgan with music by Ben Glasstone, mixed and mastered by Simon Small and the musical director is Phil Cornwell. The director of photography is Jon Dickinson, the films are edited by Will Reynolds. Phil Cornwell plays keys and double bass and Curtis Volp is on guitar.

Burton-Morgan said today: "It's extraordinary to think about what we achieved in two days of rehearsal, two days in the recording studio and just 4 days of filming. But what's even more extraordinary is how this piece - which was written as, and one day hopefully soon will be produced as, a stage musical, exists so fully as a film in its own right.

It's thrilling to stretch two artforms to meet each other and I hope paves the way for more theatre projects that are not merely 'captured' on film (and of course as an album too) but exist across a diversity of media forms as a myriad of artworks in their own right."