Theatre Quiz of the Week: Bishop, Bieber and Broadway Broadcasts

Find out how up to date you are on this week’s theatre news

How much have you been paying attention to this week's theatre news? Find out by answering the seven questions below, all based on news from the past week in the wonderful world of theatre.

Scroll down for the answers and links to the full news stories, but NO peeking! Finally, let us know how many you got right on twitter!

1. Which part in Matilda will Craige Els be taking over in September?

a) Matilda

b) Mr Wormwood

c) Miss Trunchbull

d) Rudolpho

2. Which pop star is rumoured to be writing a musical?

a) Justin Bieber

b) Damon Albarn

c) Kanye West

d) Liam Gallagher

3. Comedian Kevin Bishop will star in what show at the Menier Chocolate Factory?

a) Fully Committed

b) Forbidden Broadway

c) Grease

d) Bouncers

4. What Broadway show starring Chris O'Dowd will be broadcast worldwide by NT Live?

a) Kinky Boots

b) Raisins in the Sun

c) Of Mice and Men

d) Hedwig and the Angry Inch

5. Which former Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera actor will star in Love Beyond?

a) Ramin Karimloo

b) Geronimo Rauch

c) Dave Willetts

d) Colm Wilkinson

6. Star of The Voice Liam Tamne is joining the cast of which musical in September?

a) Les Miserables

b) Phantom of the Opera

c) Once

d) Thriller Live

7. What new play by Lee Hall received four stars from WhatsOnStage when it opened this week?

a) The Nether

b) Holes

c) Shakespeare in Love

d) Holy Warriors


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1. c) Miss Trunchbull 2. b) Damon Albarn
3. a) Fully Committed 4. c) Of Mice and Men 5. c) Dave Willetts 6. b) Phantom of the Opera 7. c) Shakespeare in Love