What's in my dressing room? – Tanya Franks

”EastEnders” and ”Broadchurch” actress takes us backstage at Wyndham’s Theatre where she is currently starring in ”The Truth”

Tanya Franks in The Truth
Tanya Franks in The Truth
© Marc Brenner

Tanya Franks is best-known for playing DI Rowanne Morell in The Bill, Rainie Cross in EastEnders and Lucy Stevens in Broadchurch. She is currently appearing in The Truth which transferred to Wyndham's Theatre from Menier Chocolate Factory in June. She plays Laurence, the wife of adulterous Michel who is caught in a web of lies.

We caught up with Tanya to find out what she has backstage in her dressing room.

The Chess Computer

TF: "I haven’t played chess for years. I recently had a couple of games when I took a six day break to Bruges before coming in to the West End with the show, which got my taste for it again. So I thought, "Perfect. I’ll dig out my old computer chess set and have it going in the dressing room". Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the batteries to fit in the slot, even though they are the three AAs required – it’s a mystery. So it has just sat there through the whole run waiting for me."

The Mementos

TF: "Here are our lovely keepsake first night presents from the Menier Chocolate Factory producers for our two separate press nights – both useful and can be kept forever."

The Tea

TF: "I love my Rooibos tea. It’s great for digestion and as I have it without milk it is perfect to sip to keep the voice warmed up."

The Glasses

TF: "I keep some glasses by for when I have guests to my dressing room, to enjoy a little downtime after the show. They're all different sizes, so people have to fight over the biggest one and who gets the plastic ones and who gets the glass ones. Every once in a while even my Truth press night glass gets used."

The Perfume

TF: "This little lonesome fella is my perfume bottle – I have a scene where I've been preparing to go out before entering the stage, so I always dab a little scent on before leaving the dressing room."

The Make-Up

TF: "And here is my collection of paraphernalia that I work my way through in preparation for my scenes – the necessary make-up; the curling-blow dryer for my hair to add or decrease lift, depending on what my currently short locks have felt like doing that day; the solitary pair of earrings for my final scene, etc. There is much for me to tinker with here. Different eyeliners, eye shadows, and lipsticks for different scenes. It won't make a vast difference to the audience but the little extra touches work subconsciously, I hope. "

The Truth runs at Wyndham's Theatre until 3 September 2016.