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Someone made a lego model of the Royal Court Theatre and it's awesome

What to do when you have thousands of lego blocks and a bit of spare time? Build a model theatre of course

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Jack Williams is head of lighting for the Royal Court Theatre, but he isn't just awesome at making actors and set look pretty on stage, oh no! He is also theatreland's Lego genius.

According to Jack, "The building is scaled to Lego man size, has over 2500 parts and took about a month to build." He had no instructions for the model, so everything you see is built purely from photos.

When asked why he would take on such a project he said that he "built it for fun" adding "I love Lego and I'm head of lighting at the court so thought it would be a challenge."

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think in the comments. Which other theatreland buildings would you like to see lego-ified?

© Jack Williams

And the real thing to compare it with...

© arthurlloyd.co.uk

And it's not just the exterior...

© Jack Williams

The office on the left belongs to Royal Court artistic director Vicky Featherstone...

Vicky Featherstone

We'd quite like Jack to do one of the WOS Headquarters!

© Jack Williams

It even has mini posters for Birdland!!!!

© Jack Willams

Bravo Jack, bravo.


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