Olivier Awards 2023: our nominations predictions

Frecknall’s magic touch


If last year Cabaret positively swept the nominations field, it seems that this time around it’ll be Daniel Fish’s WOSAward-winning, Tony-sporting Oklahoma!, which has just kickstarted its West End transfer run.

Totoro plays the Entertainment card?

In a big year for new plays (Mockingbird and Prima Facie being two monster contenders), it might be more prudent for the gigantic box-office RSC smash My Neighbour Totoro to put itself forwards in the entertainment category rather than the play field. Often considered the “easier” option, it could be more appropriate for a music-heavy show that in many ways defies categorisation. Considering the haul the puppetry-heavy Pi managed last year, expect some pretty whopper technical nominations, either way.

New musicals are thinner on the ground

Last year, after the Covid spillover, we were positively overwhelmed by new blockbuster musicals that were vying for the top spot. Flash forwards a year and

It puts everyone in an unusual position where only a few new musicals are actually running at the moment and most (Sylvia, Standing at the Sky’s Edge) are for limited runs,

It’d be amazing to see Sky’s Edge get the re

Revivals are packed – once again

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