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My ultimate showtune playlist: Cynthia Erivo

If you could only ever listen to five showtunes again, what would they be?

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Cynthia Erivo performing at the WhatsOnStage Awards launch
© Peter Gibbons

Imagine the scenario: Life as we know it is about to end, if you are not in the bunker in 5 minutes you will be blown to smithereens. You have your iPod, but it's empty, you only have time to save five showtunes from being forgotten for eternity. What would they be?

This week we ask Cynthia Erivo who is soon to star in the musical I Can't Sing and is performing at next Sunday's WhatsOnStage Awards Concert.

1. "Sunday" - Sunday in the Park with George

"It reminds me of a friend of mine who stage managed the 80th birthday celebration of Sondheim in New York."

2. "Aquarius" - Hair or "Magic To Do" - Pippin

"Both songs and parts played by Miss Patina Miller who is now a close friend and sort of mentor, the song are hot and so is she!"

3. "People" - Funny Girl

"I just love the sentiment in this song, full of tenderness."

4. "I Am Changing" - Dreamgirls

"This song is full of power and soul and I love singing it."

5. "I'm Here" - The Color Purple

"I have never felt more powerful than when I got to sing this song it reminds me, and always will, of a really special and exciting time in my life, it's a song that's done a lot for me."

Cynthia can be seen in I Can't Sing from 26 March (previews from 27 February).

If you can't bear to wait that long then come and see her perform at the WhatsOnStage Awards! Tickets are available here.