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Incoming Festival 2019: five of the wackiest things you can see

The festival heads to London, Bristol and Manchester this year

The G Stringz' The Half Moon Shania

Incoming Festival returns this year on not one, not two but three cities throughout the UK. Spreading from the New Diorama in London to HOME in Manchester (24 to 30 June) the festival then arrives in Bristol at the Tobacco Factory between 26 and 30 June. There's heaps of exciting, brand new and innovative companies featured, and a lot of madcap ideas thrown in. Here's a few we've picked that are the wackiest sounding ideas. For more, head to the Incoming Festival website.

Shit Theatre Drink Rum With Expats

You can drink rum with expats

No not really! Instead you can see Sh!t Theatre's new piece about home, Europe and Brits abroad entitled Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats. And actually, we think it'll probably be more fun than drinking rum with expats. This is a great chance to catch experimental company Sh!t Theatre's work in progress and, going by their previous work (including a piece about Dolly Parton and a show about selling their bodies to medical trials), this should be funny, wacky and offer an intriguing slant on the world today.

Shorts and Socks Included

Learn about pants and football

In Shorts and Socks Included Lost Watch tell us all about Admiral, a flagging underwear company which strikes a deal designing the away kit for Leeds United. The company is associate ensemble at the New Diorama and tells the true story of Lindsay Jelley and the birth of football shirts as we know them now.

Alexandra James (Cara) in Nine Foot Nine
© Katie Edwards

Meet some very tall women

What might happen if women throughout the world grew to be nine foot tall? Nine Foot Nine is a play about what happens in an inexplicable epidemic where women become the larger of the species. Sleepless Theatre incorporates BSL and the show is creatively captioned, which is absolutely what we like.

The G Stringz' The Half Moon Shania

Punk-out and riot with The G Stringz' rock

The Half Moon Shania is a punk rock gig theatre show from Burnt Lemon, where The G Stringz are touring the UK's pubs. It won the Best Musical at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe and it looks as though it could be a messy, mad blast.

Wow Everything is Amazing
© Ali Wright

Experience sci-fi hallucinatory technology the in the new church of the future

Dive headlong into the future with Sounds Like Chaos' latest production. There's music (from gospel to hip-hop) as well as film and live action. Wow Everything is Amazing originally ran at Battersea Arts Centre and features 15 performers aged 12 to 21. If that's not recipe for mayhem, then we don't know what is.