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New immersive theatre show Variant 31 is coming to London's West End

The piece will have over 100 actors and will run at a secret location in the West End

Variant 31

A 25,000 square foot-occupying high-octane immersive show is coming to the West End next April.

Entitled Variant 31, the show (which takes place over the space of about a half of an American football field) features 100 actors and tests audience survival skills as they are immersed in a real-life horror movie.

The piece sees a whole bunch of "reanimated cadavers" go on the warpath and audiences have to escape before being captured (the show's tagline is "Aim for the Head"). Punters are advised to work in groups to solve challenges, using wearable technology for novel experiences.

The show runs for 90 minutes and is suitable for those aged 18 plus, with strong language, simulated violence and actor nudity.

The show is produced by Dalton M Dale for Big Dreamer productions (co-producers of the Moulin Rouge musical in the States and Rock of Ages and Fame in the UK), McGill Productions (Jersey Boys) and Oscar Blustin (responsible for immersive show The Soulless Ones).

Variant 31 is running from 13 April 2019 with tickets on sale now.