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Helen Mirren to appear in online play The Secret Love Life of Ophelia

Mirren will take on the role of Gertrude in the piece

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
© David Venni

Award-winning performer Helen Mirren will support the Greenwich Theatre in a new online production of Steven Berkoff's The Secret Love Life of Ophelia.

Reimagined by the venue and performed by 39 young, emerging or marginalised actors (each reading out a letter Berkoff has imagined being written between Hamlet and Ophelia), Mirren will make a special appearance as Gertrude at the play's conclusion.

Berkoff's piece transforms Ophelia's role, giving her more agency than she is afforded in Shakespeare's text.

The Secret Love Life Of Ophelia will premiere on Greenwich Theatre's YouTube channel on Friday 31 July at 7.30pm BST, and will remain available to watch for free until Friday 14 August.

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