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It was funny in the sixties and it is even funnier now.  It is Miss Sophie's birthday and her butler (Chris Cresswell) is trying to make it a party for her.  Sadly, all her friends are dead and her butler must act out her guests because...well because it is her birthday.

David Lavender directed this amazing and choice production of "Dinner for One", the 1960 television show said to be the most frequently repeated television show ever.  I cannot imagine any version as delectable as this one at The Hill Street theater with Mim King as Miss Sophie and Chris Creswell stealing the show.  It is fourteen minutes of pure laughter with just enough pathos to make it unforgettable.  The Hill Street theater is a gorgeous venue, a bit out of the way but well worth the walk.  It is Venue 41, 1:50 and 2:30 every day and not to be missed.

You can see this playlet on you tube, but it cannot possibly be the same as watching two people show their love for one another in the most improbably, unexpected and delightful way.  On a scale of five, I give this production a six. 

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