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Five delicious reasons to see Waitress at the Adelphi Theatre

We chat to Marisha Wallace to find out five truly scrumptious reasons to see this smash-hit musical

© Johan Persson

After huge anticipation, Sara Bareilles' delicious Broadway treat has made its way across the pond, opening to rave reviews in the West End. We chat to theatre star Marisha Wallace (Dreamgirls), who plays Becky, to find out five truly great reasons not to miss this charming, life-affirming new musical.

1. Sara Bareilles' music

The thing that attracted me to doing this show was getting the chance to sing Sara Bareilles' music eight times a week. I saw the show on Broadway and couldn't get the songs out of my head. "She Used to Be Mine" has become a worldwide sensation and a new Broadway standard. There are beautiful lyrics and melodies and I love belting out "I Didn't Plan It" each night. Sara's songs fit seamlessly into the show, but you can also jam to them at home or in the car, or even at the gym!

2. It's pee-your-pants funny

People are always leaving our show saying 'I didn't expect to be scream laughing at Waitress'. One person said it made her laugh so hard she peed a little! The book is so well written by Jessie Nelson and the comedy is so relatable and laugh-out-loud. Also Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock makes me break character every night – HE IS JUST SO DANG FUNNY!

© Johan Persson

3. It's all about friendship and great for a girls' night out

The three waitresses, Jenna, Becky and Dawn, are the heart and soul of the show. Their friendship is something all women and people can relate to. Katharine, Laura and I have such great chemistry in the show and people really fall in love with our friendship. It's almost like Sex and the City but in a diner! Are you a Becky, a Dawn or a Jenna?

It's so great to see women empowering women on stage, because that's how me and my girls are in real life, we take care of each other. We give each other the tough truths and then help each other through the heartbreaks. You are gonna want to bring your gal pals to see this show – and a box of tissues.

4. It's empowering

Jenna's story is almost a coming-of-age story, but more of a self-worth discovery. She is in an abusive relationship with a man and is having his baby and for her to find the courage to rise from that and make the life she has always wanted is what really sticks with the audience each night.

© Johan Persson

Audience members have the opportunity to write on guest checks what they liked about the show, and one woman wrote that this show gave her the strength to leave her abusive relationship. When theatre goes beyond the stage and changes a person's heart and life – that's what it's really all about.

5. It has delicious pies

When you come to the show and walk in theatre, you are inundated with the smell of pies. Waitress really gets all the five senses going and the pies look delicious on stage. There is actual pie you can buy front of house! I've tried them and they are devilishly good. My personal favourite is the Banoffee.

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