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Five reasons to see Cuckoo at the Soho Theatre

Five reasons why you definitely need to check out this unmissable show at the Soho Theatre

© Soho Theatre

Lisa Carroll's debut play, Cuckoo is opening this month and we're pretty excited about catching it at the Soho Theatre. So excited that we've got five great reasons why you need to see it!

1. You will laugh... and then you'll feel things

Life is short so there's nothing better than having a laugh when you're at the theatre. Cuckoo follows five teenagers living in Dublin today and is packed full of youthful energy and whipsmart Irish humour. All of us remember those crushingly awkward teenage moments and feeling desperate to fit in. Cuckoo is bold and brash but it packs a punch too.

2. It has an awesome, funny, flawed female lead

Iona is a sixteen year-old Dubliner with all the intensity of a speeding freight train. Her story is full of hope and tragedy and it offers audiences something they haven't seen before. She's best friends with Pingu, who has chosen not to speak after years of being bullied, but this doesn't stop these two being symbiotic. Come see Cuckoo for a brilliant ensemble cast and a smasher of a performance from Caitriona Ennis.

3. It's set in contemporary Ireland right where Conor McGregor grew up

Ireland today is full of life and energy; a buzzing European capital recovering from the financial crash, but not without its problems. Cuckoo is set in Crumlin, a small suburb near the city, where the people are full of spark and fight. The famous UFC champion, Conor McGregor grew up there and is regularly seen speeding around in his green Lamborghini. This is a side of Ireland not often seen on stage, but one we think you'll love.

© Soho Theatre

4. It'll give you plenty to talk about over a drink after

Cuckoo is a fun and wild ride. At the same time, it grapples with big issues: What does it mean to leave the place you grew up in? How do we build our identity? How do we make or break social hierarchies? Why don't they have chicken fillet rolls in England!?

5. It'll be worth it just for the dance break.